How do our services work? 

Upon completion of the project, we offer one month of follow up email and/pr phone support to ensure a smooth transition at no additional cost. However, if there is a need for additional research based on the information provided to us during the initial meeting, we may charge an extra professional fee depending on the extent of the research that needed to be done. 

For small business start-ups, economically disadvantaged businesses and Chamber of Commerce members, we offer free business advice through the Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center (SVSBDC) programs. The client is expected to meet one or more potential economic impact in order to qualify for their program. For referral and more information, click here

In collaboration with our clients we facilitate the creation of clear goals and strategies, and then come up with alternative solutions to enable them to derive the maximum business value. we focus our approaches on three business dimensions in transforming your organization namely: PEOPLE, PRODUCT, ANDPROFIT that are crucial in its sustainability. 

​​strategies that best suit

your business  

Our Technical And Social Designs



       Enhance your self-awareness, maintain high level of integrity and quality of work standards,

       and build network.


      Encourage self-motivation, enhance their skills to gain more self-confidence in their jobs, and

      demand commitment and hold them accountable.


      Build trust and inspire loyalty, focus on their needs and wants because their satisfaction is your

      corporate image.



      ​Customer perception of you impacts your overall brand image. Use every opportunity to provide

     experience by focusing on benefits and value of what you are selling. Furthermore, marketing

     materials provide a professional brand image. 


      Forecast strategically and create a well-planned budget in place. Remember, increased

     revenue and well-managed expenses equate to maximizing your bottom line. 

Additionally, our programs and services are geared toward cultivating the behavioral and technical skills in people. We work closely with our clients in analyzing and understanding these dimensions in their current business dynamics for implementing and monitoring change. 

We strategically define and breakdown critical organizational objectives into individual and team objectives, and then assist in the implementation of tools and processes for tracking and reporting. 

We develop customized training programs to support and qualify people that in turn would increase their competencies and productivity.

We align teams with strategies and processes that focus on sustaining customer service, thus, improving quality, movement, and productivity. 

We redesign roles and responsibilities that are tailored to the business context of the organization.